We have the exclusive license for veterinary vaccines using ACM technology, through license agreements with ACM Biolabs Pte Ltd, ETPL and NTUitive. The proprietary ACM technology is based on polymersomes which we call Artificial Cell Membranes (“ACMs”). These ACMs are nanoscale vesicles which are conceptually very similar to liposomes, except that they are made from di-block or tri-block copolymers instead of lipids. Over more than 15 years of intensive R&D has allowed us to make vaccines using these ACMs with membrane proteins incorporated into their walls such that these proteins are stable and correctly presented and elicit strong immune responses. ACM vaccines elicit broad B cell and T cell responses and have numerous advantages for vaccines against viral and bacterial diseases.


The safety and efficacy of our platform has been demonstrated. We are developing vaccines against a few selected livestock targets. Our targets are currently confidential, however, we intend to make them public as soon as practical, and so we encourage you to contact us or revisit out site to see what these are.

In addition to our own pipeline we are open to licensing and codevelopment with partners.